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Bappy Chowdhury coming with 'Daag'

Bappy Chowdhury coming with ‘Daag’

Bappy Chowdhury briefly discussed the issue. After the success of one of the heroes released two movies. A ‘Nayok’, the other is ‘Asmani’. Now new news for Bappy’s Fans.

And that is, Bappy Chowdhury’s new movie ‘Daag’ is being released recently. Bappy’s heroine in this movie also Bidya Sinha Mim. Sotabdi Wadud, DJ Sohel, Lina Ferdous, Farook Majumdar also staring in this movie. This movie produced by vision audio.

The movie ‘Daag’ directed by Tarek Shikder has been submitted to the censor board. This week the censor board will say the film will be published. Before that, the song titled ‘Tumi badhoni amake, tumi sadoni amake’ was released on YouTube.

It is said that this is Bappi Chowdhury and Achol Akhi‘s pairs final movie. After the shooting of this film, the relationship of two deteriorated. Earlier, they had acted together in several films. Those pictures are good business too.

Bappy Chowdhury said, “I always love to work with achol. In the meantime, many of our movies have been released which have received a lot of interest. She plays very well. For this reason, I feel comfortable working with artists like her.’

Movie Story Writes Kamal Ahmed Rafiquzzaman wrote the screenplay and dialogue. There are five songs in it. Ali Akram Shuvo has composed these songs. The film was started in Triangle Love in 2016. It takes time to finish the work due to various problems.

Bappy Chowdhury discusses ‘Nayok’ and ‘Asmani’

Bappy Chowdhury discussed ‘Nayok’ and ‘Asmani’ before the release of ‘Daag’. Recently, his ‘Nayok’ movie released was a good business. The movie is going on for several weeks in a stretch. The release of ‘Asmani’, which was released last week, also got released in almost 50 cinema halls of the film.

Bappy Chowdhury told startalkbd.com, “The story of the film is quite strong. And the name of the film is ‘Asmani’ but the story is about this time. I am very optimistic about this movie.’

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